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...Because You Don't Have To Clean Up, What You Don't Spill!
- Be Proactive, Not Reactive

elcome to the Chadd Padd® - the new reusable and disposable refueling mat that protects the vessel’s surface from hose and nozzle damage when refueling as well as also catching and containing any spills or overages that may occur. The patent-pending design affords the Chadd Padd® to be the multi purpose spill response that protects both the vessel and the environment when petroleum is added while simultaneously delivering whatever advertising the customer has requested. Because they’re also water-proof; they make an excellent oil soaker-upper for the bilge as well as a general purpose drip mat for just about any petroleum use. The Chadd Padd® is the Water Wise™ approach to the safe handling of petroleum products while in and around the marine environment!


What do you get when you combine:
“Green” petroleum handling for the environment + Surface protection for the vessel + A full color marketing
+ A water-proof sludge mat for the bilge + EPA spill-response compliance
= The Chadd Padd®


The Chadd Padd® addresses 3 main points of concern with 1 unique approach!


Each Chadd Padd® provides unmatched performance to refueling safety -
1. Clean, soft, & dry protection every time
2. Accommodates multiple sizes of refueling ports
3. Holds up to 11oz. of petroleum based liquids (4oz. for the 10x10)
4. Great to keep on hand for the adding of oil or similar uses
5. Static resistant & hydrophobic (repels water & floats)
6. Use it in the bildge to soak up oils before pump out
7. Disposable (in accordance with applicable regulations)

Put your own logo on the Chadd Padd® and receive wholesale pricing -
8. Increase your professional appearance
9. Sell for a profit along with other supplies
10. Give away to preferred customers for continued on-the-"road" exposure
11. Printed with petroleum resistant inks
12. Fully customizable graphics (100's of colors / up to 6 colors at once)

Each Chadd Padd® serves as a fueling mat as well as spill response -
14. Made from the same material Marinas are required to have for SPCC
15. Serves as proper spill containment for each location they are kept
16. Ideal for Marinas, fuel docks, and private & commercial boat owners
17. Adds to the total spill response capability of the master spill kit


Why buy fuel mats AND spill response material when the Chadd Padd® fulfills BOTH needs at once for a
fraction of the cost? Increase Safety; Minimize Risk; Maximize Your Dollar$!



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