Chadd Padd
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Protect Your Paint & Environment!
Keep fuel off your bike, out of your lap, & off the ground with The Chadd Padd®!

elcome to The Chadd Padd® - The industry’s
premier, disposable fuel mat that protects your bike or car's
surface from hose and nozzle damage when refueling as
well as also catching and containing any spills or
overages that may occur during refueling
. This patent-
design affords the Chadd Padd® the dual purpose
of protecting both your "baby" and the environment. Aside
from being annoying, fuel burps or spills are dangerous
since a fire could result
from gas being spilt on a hot
engine (spontaneous combustion), not to mention the
aggravation of cleaning up the spill with a severely
insufficient, scratchy paper towel.
  Originally developed for use with fueling up corporate jets several years ago, the Chadd Padd® has passed the rigorous field tests of the strict aviation environment including being used on military aircraft and is now available for independent, personal use for you to fuel anything that takes gas, oil,or any other petroleum products.
Why wait to spill & then clean it up? -Catch it before it spills with the Chadd Padd®!

The Chadd Padds® are also hydrophobic (water-proof & float) which means they won’t disarm (or soak up any water) when used in the rain, on a wet surface, or with water-based fluids; leaving them “dry” and ready for any petroleum absorption

The Chadd Padds® are made from clean, soft, and absorbent polymers that guarantee total protection each time the adding of petroleum commences. Each Chadd Padd® has a partial perforated section that when executed by the user, creates a "hanging chadd" (hence the name). The "chadds" are an important design for several reasons:

1. They provide double the padding and absorption right below the filler port where it is needed most.

2. Since the "hole" portion isn't missing or torn off, the "chadd" portion adds to the total absorption capability of the Padd and prevents litter since it remains attached to the Padd. This is an important and unique feature as a "whole" (no pun intended) since the Padd may also be used a drip pad underneath a leaky car or bike which for this application; wouldn't make sence to have a hole in it!

With the Chadd Padd® - you are in control! - We just make sure you have the options at hand for
whatever petroleum protection need you may want to use it for.

The Chadd Padds® come in various quantities for your convenience:

+ 6-Packs
+ Rolls of 36

The most popular buy are the Rolls which are also the most cost-effective and can also be used in our weather-proof dispensers. These are great to mount in the garage, in the workshop, or at the fuel pump for quick and easy access.




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